Legislative Update

The House State Affairs committee began processing Senate bills May 3-7. As of May 12, the last House local and consent calendar with consent House Bills must be distributed.

On May 24, the last House local and consent calendar with Senate bills must be distributed.

The last day of regular session will be May 31, 2021.

HB1280 S – Assigned state affairs. Human life protection act

HB766 – Bail reform. July 13 hearing Senate Jurisprudence

SJR27 H – Sent to calendars

HB3979 – Passed third reading. No critical race theory

HB525 – Reported passed

Regrettably, many SREC Legislative priority bills are dead.


HB329 – Election Integrity

HB335 – Election Integrity

HB1368 – Election Integrity

HB1458 – Religious Freedom (Save women’s sports)

HB1487 – Religious Freedom (Protection of religious organizations)

HB1569 – Religious Freedom (Regulation by a property owner’s association of certain religious displays)

HB1579 & SB654 – Religious Freedom (Protection of the free exercise of religion rights of inmates & ensuring access to volunteer/faith-based chaplains/chaplaincy services)

HB1671 – Religious Freedom (Protection of religious freedoms & religious institutions during a declared state of disaster)

HB3596 & SB1681 – Religious Freedom (Protection of religious organizations)

SB738 – Religious Freedom (Right of recusal from the performance of certain marriage ceremonies)

HB68 – Gender & Children (Definition of abuse of a child)

HB3326 – Abolish Abortion (Prohibiting abortion & protecting the rights of an unborn child and to criminal liability for,  justification for, and defenses to prohibited conduct)

HB3641 & SB1681 – Abolish Abortion (Declaring void certain federal court decisions related to abortion and prohibiting cooperation with the enforcement of those decisions; creating a private cause of action; creating a criminal offense)

HJR80 – Abolish Abortion (Constitutional amendment clarifying the Texas Constitution does not secure or protect the right to an abortion or require the expenditure of public money for an abortion)

HJR113 & SJR25 – Abolish Abortion (Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to life of unborn children)

HB1238 & HB2900 – Constitutional Carry (Provisions governing the carrying of a firearm by a person who is not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing the firearm and to other provisions related to the carrying, possessing, transporting, or storing of a firearm)

HB446 – Monument Protection (Increasing the criminal penalty for the offense of criminal mischief involving the damage or destruction of a public monument)

HB2571 & SB1416 – Monument Protection (Relating to the removal, relocation, alteration, or construction of certain monuments or memorials located on public property)

HB749 & SB234 – Ban Tax Payer Funded Lobbying (By a political subdivision of public funds for lobbying activities)

HB2319 – Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying (Use of public money to compensate a person who lobbies the federal government