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KARW Standing Rules


KARW Standing Rules

                                     KARW Standing Rules                               

1. Yearbook Distribution.  The membership roster shall be distributed to members only, except that upon request copies shall be issued to the TFRW and County and State Republican parties.  Requests for copies from other individuals will be granted only upon authorization by the  Executive Committee.  Other portions of the yearbook may be posted on the website. A Precinct Chair is an elected position and should be included in the yearbook’s list of elected officials who serve the Kingwood and surrounding areas.
2.  Reimbursement. Upon being presented with supporting bills or receipts, the Treasurer is authorized to issue checks for expenditures incurred in the performance of a duty associated with an office or committee chairmanship. The Executive Committee must approve all unbudgeted expenditures.   Any check drawn for an amount over $300 shall require two signatures of those authorized signatories (President, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer).  If there is no Assistant Treasurer, the 1st Vice President will be the third check signer.

3.  Committee Chairmen Reports.  Committee chairmen shall bring or send a report to each Board meeting.  The report shall include any proposed activities and plans for implementing these activities.  Plans for special projects and events shall be submitted to the Executive Committee and, upon Executive Committee approval, shall be presented at the next ensuing meeting for approval of the membership.

Fundraisers before the primary in an election year will require immediate action and planning by the new Executive Committee. After the election and once the special events chairperson has been appointed, she shall form her committee and begin preparations for the fundraiser.  Any decisions made before the January general meeting shall require the Executive Committee’sapproval.  A proposed budget for the Fundraiser shall be presented for approval at the January general meeting.

4. Emergency Action.  In an emergency, on a matter requiring immediate action, the Executive  Committee may be polled by telephone or e-mail.  Matters submitted to a vote by telephone or email shall require approval of three-fourths (3/4) of the Executive Committee  membership.  The results of telephone or email voting shall be made a part of the minutes at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

5.  Special  Executive Committee Meetings.  Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President and shall be called upon written or emailed request of three of the elective officers.

6.  Minutes.  Minutes shall be kept of each Executive Committee meeting and shall be presented verbally or in writing at the beginning of the next regular meeting of the Executive Committee.  After the minutes have been approved at the general meeting, they should be signed by the club’s President and the Recording Secretary before they are filed.  

7.  President’s Pin.  The Immediate Past President shall complete form and send to Treasurer to purchase the President’s Pin from the office of the TFRW.  The pin shall be presented to the incoming president by the installer.

8.  Support/Memorial.  An appropriate card from KARW shall be sent by the Corresponding Secretary to a member who is enduring a serious illness or is undergoing a period of stress.  No food shall be solicited or taken to a member’s home in the name of the organization.  Expressions of sympathy or congratulations to a member or friend of KARW shall be by card or note.  Personal gestures of support may be offered by individual members at their discretion.  In the event of a member’s death, a contribution to a charitable organization may be made in their memory, the value of which shall not exceed $50.00.

9.  Memory Book.  Each outgoing president shall receive a “memory book” compiled during her term of office by the historian.

10.  President’s Summary.  Each outgoing president shall compose a brief summary of  her term of office to be added to the history in the yearbook.

11.  Assistant Treasurer.  An Assistant Treasurer may be appointed at the discretion of the President.  She shall be one of three signatories on the checking account.

12.  Membership Dues.  Primary Membership dues shall be $45 per year, payable December 31, which shall include TFRW and NFRW dues.

13. Associate Membership Dues.  Associate Membership dues shall be $25 per year, payable December 31.

14.  Procedures of the Nominating Committee.
  The positions to be nominated are:  President; 1st Vice President Programs; 2ndVice President Membership; Recording Secretary; Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee will announce that anyone who is interested or who knows someone qualified for a particular office should notify the committee.  The Nominating Committee shall take into consideration past performance, qualifications for a specific job, and the ability of the potential nominee to represent KARW in a positive manner.  A person serving on the Nominating Committee may be nominated for an office; however, the person being considered for the elected office must recuse herself from any discussion regarding this position.  Even when a nominating committee member is being considered for an elected position, the Committee should carefully review all candidates for this office and nominate the person they think best qualifies for the position.  No officer shall automatically succeed another.

The Committee shall limit the number of its own members who wish to be nominated for an office to no more than two. Members of the Nominating Committee shall not succeed themselves.

The Nominating Committee shall secure from the Recording Secretary a copy of the latest
membership list and a copy of bylaws which outline the description of each office and the eligibility requirements.  The Committee must carefully review the eligibility requirement of each office to determine that the nominees meet these requirements.  When the Nominating Committee contacts a person to ask if they will serve for the office, it is the responsibility of the Committee to provide a detailed description of the office to the person being considered.  If anyone is elected, and it is determined after the election that the person is not eligible, the election of the office is null and void.  The Committee then has to find a new nominee and the members have to vote again.

Members of the Nominating Committee shall not discuss any information pertaining to those considered for nomination outside their specific committee meetings.

Once the Nominating Committee has completed its recommendations, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall inform the Executive Committee of nominees for the slate of officers, along with a brief biosketch (not to exceed 200 words) and photo.  The Corresponding Secretary
shall send each member a copy of the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers and bios at least thirty (30) days prior to the election. At the same time, the Website Chair shall post this information on the website.

At the next general meeting (either October or November) when the Nominating Committee is called upon for its report, its chairman rises and presents the slate, name of office and nominee in the order in which the officers are listed in the bylaws.

15.  Installation of  Officers.  The person to install and the format of the installation of officers shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

16.  Kingwood Patron Program
The Kingwood Patron Program, patterned after the TFRW Program, has been established by KARW.  Membership is voluntary.  The annual membership fee is $100.  Before applying for membership into the Patron Program, both Primary and Associate (female) members must have paid their annual club membership dues.  Patron memberships are renewable  every January. Contributions received from Patron will be used for the purpose of  75%  toward Republican causes and 25%  toward establishing a scholarship fund to offer financial aid to a local conservative woman.  The Patron Program will be called the Barbara A. Jordan Liberty Belles.  Patrons will receive a specially designed pin engraved with the year of their first Patron membership.

  1. Kingwood Patron Program for Associates (Men Only)
    The Kingwood Patron Program for Associates (Men Only), patterned after the TFRW Program, has been established by KARW. Membership is voluntary.  The annual membership fee is $100. Before applying for membership into the Patron Program for Associates (Men Only), member must have paid their annual club membership dues.  Patron memberships are renewable every January.  Contributions received from Patron member will be used for the purpose of funding the Operating Expenses of the club.  The Patron Program for Associates (Men Only) will be called
    the Barbara A. Jordan Liberty Beaus.

    18.  Immediate Past President.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as Advisor and have the privilege of voting.

    Approved February 16, 2023

    Bylaws Committee:
    Betty Newton, Chair

Joyce Chambers
Kathleen Jordan