Join Kingwood Republican Women

Join Kingwood Republican Women and learn about proposed laws, legislation, candidates and elected officials. You will enjoy being part of an active and accomplished team of women from all walks of life.There are two levels of membership:

  • Full Membership is available to any woman who adheres to the basic principles of the Republican Party. Full Membership for one year is $35.
  • Associate Membership is available to any woman who is a member of another Republican Women PAC and wishes to be a member of KARW as well. Associate Membership is also available for men who wish to join KARW. One year is $20
  • Student or Affliate Membership ( 13-17 years of age) is $20

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To mail in a check, download  the application and send to:

KARW ♦ P. O. Box 5906 ♦ Kingwood, TX ♦ 77325

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