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Jan 2024 – KARW Looking Forward

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    President's Message

    Before I look forward to the plans we have for 2024, I want to take a moment to thank all the strong women that have come into my life and provided me with inspiration and moxie to achieve more.  To all of the KARW presidents that have come before me, I thank each of you.  You all have my word I will do my very best to lead this amazing organization with the same exceptional leadership we have come to expect out of our leaders, including Joyce Chambers.  I have to say, it was my honor to support Joyce as her programs chair.  I cherish her counsel and friendship and my profound thanks for her example and leadership.
    The upcoming year promises to be action packed and exciting.  Our January general meeting will feature Texas Senator Brandon Creighton and Representative Charles Cunningham to recap the historical extended sessions taking place in Austin.
    We also look forward to our history in the making for our Texas Roundup celebrating Texas Independence on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at Four Pines Ranch in Crosby, Texas.  Make sure you purchase your tickets now before the price increases.
    If you have not renewed your membership, now is the time.  February 29 is the deadline to renew and March 1st, we will scrub last year’s roster and you will no longer receive notifications from KARW.
    Also, please consider joining our Patron Program.  The extra money you invest goes electing competent conservatives and a scholarship fund.  We are extremely proud to be one of the only TFRW clubs offering a patron option to show your commitment above and beyond your regular membership dues.
    Lastly, I still have several chair positions that need to be filled to round out our 2024 leadership team.  Please reach out to me if you are at all interested in joining our team.
    The entire board looks forward to seeing you at our January 18, 2024 meeting from 11-1 at Tin Roof Barbecue.
    Your sister in Liberty,
    Kathleen Jordan
    President, Kingwood Area Republican Women’s Club 

    Inspirational Corner

    Our Next Meeting:

    KARW 2024 Fundraising Event-
    The Texas Roundup


    Legislative Update

    Members, please refer to our website for the complete and detailed Legislative Update complied by our Legislative Chair, Pat Morlen.  The full Legislative Update can be found on our website along with monthly updates.  These updates provide critical information and action you can take.  Included in this month’s update is a timeline of the legislative sessions regarding the current bills. 


    KARW Needs You



    KARW encourages members to consider submitting their name for nomination for the 2024 KARW Executive Board.  Several of our board members will have reached their term limit by the end of this year.  Our Nominating Committee will be formed and will begin seeking candidates this May.  Please consider taking on one of these important positions in KARW.  We encourage you to speak to board members to understand the duties of each position and to determine if it would be a good fit for you.


    Campaign Activities

    Campaign and Legislative Committee meets once a month.  All members are briefed and given a synopsis of upcoming legislature and how it will impact our lives.  We also discuss any needs or issues that are brought to our attention from Republican candidates.  We partner with them to understand how we can best support them in their efforts to get elected.  Please reach out to Pat Morlen at LEGISLATIVE@KARW.ORG if you are interested in joining this important committee.


    Senate District 4 | TFRW Region VI

    KARW Board of Directors

    Kathleen Jordan President


    Holly Ham, 1st VP/Programs


    Cornelia “Neil” Cliburn, 2ndVP/Membership


    Cheryl Austin, Treasurer


    M’Liss Painter


    Carolyn Karmack



    Leigh Marcus, Chaplain


    Betty Newton, Bylaws


    Pat Morlen, Legislative/Campaign Activities


    M’Liss Painter, Newsletter


    Susie Cintron, Awards Chair

    Bonnie McFerrin, Social Media


    Alice Rekeweg, Caring for America/Americanism





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