Our President has not wavered in his Crusade toward an “Incredible Transition” pipe dream, even in the face of Germany`s reversal from their transition to wind and solar. On his first day in office, Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and halted new leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A week later, he banned new oil and gas leases on federal land and waters. In June, he shut down exploration on existing leases in ANWAR. In October, he INCREASED the regulatory burdens to building pipelines and refineries. Last February, he limited leasing in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve. This war on oil happened before Russia invaded Ukraine.

A Wall St. Journal article on June 21 st (The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy), recounts what happened in the village of Dharnai, India when Greenpeace tried to turn it into a solar-powered community and “refuse to give into the trap of the fossil fuel industry.” The day the village’s solar electricity was turned on, the power stored in batteries drained within hours. A boy couldn’t do his homework because there wasn’t enough power for the family’s one lamp. Villagers were told not to use refrigerators or TVs, because they would exhaust the system. They couldn’t use stoves, and had to burn wood and dung–which is as dangerous to a person’s health as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.

An Indian politician came to Dharnai to praise this town’s transition. He was met by a crowd waving signs and chanting that they wanted “real electricity” to replace the “fake electricity.” When Dharnai was finally connected to the main power grid, villagers quickly dropped their solar connections. A big reason was that that grid electricity cost one-third of what solar energy did.

Our now more rare and thus more-expensive gasoline and diesel has driven up costs for companies and truckers (inflation). Smaller trucking companies are failing, and we will see more empty shelves. Farmers can’t afford the diesel they need to run tractors and combines. Natural gas—a byproduct of oil drilling—is essential for making fertilizer. We no longer produce it, so it`s now prohibitively expensive. Biden is determined to coerce every American into driving an electric car or truck. But where will the electricity come from to power 500M EVs? Will charging stations be as plentiful, convenient, and reliable as our gas stations? Stay tuned. Biden is in charge for another two full years.