Important Election Dates



Harris County Bond Election August


Early Voting will start August 8th


August 8 - August 10: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. August 13 - August 14: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

August 15 - August 18: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. August 19: 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. August 20

August 21: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m


Humble: Octavia Fields Branch Library

Kingwood: Kingwood Community Center

Atascocita:Lone Star College

Crosby: Crosby Library


Election Day Saturday August 25 7AM-7PM all regular Polling Places will be open


November Election 

to be held November 6th

Early Voting starts October 22nd

Information on Polling Places and times will be announced as soon as available



​​​​​​​GOP Candidates For November 2018

U.S. Senator

Ted Cruz

U.S. Representative District 2

Dan Crenshaw 


Greg Abbott

Lieutenant Governor

Dan Patrick

 Attorney General

Ken Paxton

 Comptroller of Public Accounts

Glenn Hegar

 Commissioner of the General Land Office

George P. Bush 

Commissioner of Agriculture

Sid Miller

 Railroad Commissioner

Christi Craddick

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Sharon Keller

 Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

David Bridges

 Justice, Supreme Court, Place

 Jimmy Blacklock

 Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4

John Devine

 Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6

Jeff Brown

 Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7

Barbara Parker Hervey

 Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8

Michelle Slaughter

 State Senator, District 7

 Paul Bettencourt

 State Senator, District 15

 Randy Orr

State Senator, District 17

Joan Huffman

State Representative, District 126

E. Sam Harless

State Representative, District 127

Dan Huberty

State Representative, District 128

Briscoe Cain

 State Representative, District 129

Dennis Paul

 State Representative, District 130

 Tom Oliverson

 State Representative, District 131

Syed S. Ali

 State Representative, District 132

Mike Schofield

 State Representative, District 133

Jim Murphy

 State Representative, District 134

 Sarah Davis

 State Representative, District 135

Gary Elkins

 State Representative, District 138

Dwayne Bohac

State Representative, District 144

Ruben Villarreal

 State Representative, District 147

 Thomas Wang

State Representative, District 148

Ryan T. McConnico

State Representative, District 150

Valoree Swanson

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 2

 Jane Bland 1

 Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 6

Harvey Brown 1

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 7

Terry Yates 1

1st Court of Appeals District, Place 8

Michael Massengale

 Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 9

Jennifer Caughey

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 3

Brett Busby

 Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 4

Marc Brown

 Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 5

Martha Hill Jamison

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 6

Bill Boyce

 Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 8

John Donovan

 District Judge, 55th Judicial District

Jeff Shadwick

 District Judge, 113th Judicial District

Michael Landrum

 District Judge, 157th Judicial District

 Randy Wilson

 District Judge, 180th Judicial District

Catherine Evans

 District Judge, 182nd Judicial District

 Jesse McClure

 District Judge, 183rd Judicial District

 Vanessa Velasquez

 District Judge, 184th Judicial District

 Reneé Magee

 District Judge, 185th Judicial District

Stacey W. Bond

 District Judge, 189th Judicial District

Sharon Hemphill

District Judge, 190th Judicial District

 Debra Ibarra Mayfield

 District Judge, 208th Judicial District

Denise Collins

 District Judge, 209th Judicial District

Mike McSpadden

District Judge, 228th Judicial District

 Marc Carter

 District Judge, 230th Judicial District

Brad Hart

District Judge, 232nd Judicial District

 Kristin M. Guiney

 District Judge, 234th Judicial

 District Wesley Ward

 District Judge, 245th Judicial District

Roy L. Moore

 District Judge, 246th Judicial District

Charley Prine

 District Judge, 247th Judicial District

John Schmude

 District Judge, 248th Judicial District

 Katherine Cabaniss

 District Judge, 257th Judicial District

Melanie Flowers

District Judge, 262nd Judicial District

Tammy J. Thomas

District Judge, 263rd Judicial District

 Charles Johnson

District Judge, 269th Judicial District

 Dan Hinde

 District Judge, 270th Judicial District

Brent Gamble

 District Judge, 280th

Angelina D. A. Gooden

District Judge, 281st Judicial District

Sylvia Matthews

 Judge, 295th Judicial District

Michelle Fraga

 District Judge, 308th Judicial District

James Lombardino

 District Judge, 309th Judicial District

Sheri Y. Dean

 District Judge, 310th Judicial District

 Lisa A. Millard

 District Judge, 311th Judicial District

 Alicia Franklin York

312th Judicial District

 David Farr

 District Judge 313th Judicial District

Glenn Devlin

District Judge, 314th Judicial District

 John F. Phillips

District Judge, 315th Judicial District

Michael "Mike" Schneider

County Judge

 Ed Emmett

County Civil Court-at-Law,

Court No 1

 Clyde Raymond Leuchtag

Judge, County Civil Court-at-Law, Court No. 2

Erin Swanson

County Civil Court-at-Law,

Court No 3

Linda Storey

 Judge, County Civil Court-at-Law, Court No. 4

Sophia Mafrige

 Judge, County Criminal Court-at-Law No.1

Paula Goodheart

Judge, County Criminal Court-at-Law No.2

 Bill Harmon

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.3

Natalie C. Fleming

 County Criminal Court-at-Law No.4

John Clinton

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.5

 Xavier Alfaro

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.6

Linda Garcia

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.7

Pam Derbyshire

 County Criminal Court-at-Law No.8

Dan Simons Judge,

County Criminal County Criminal Court-at-Law No.9

 John Wakefield

 County Criminal Court-at-Law No.10

Dan Spjut 

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.11

Aaron Burdette Judge,

County Criminal Court-at-Law No.12

 John Spjut Judge,

 County Criminal Court-at-Law No.13

 Jessica Padilla

Judge, County Criminal Court-at-Law No.14

Mike Fields Judge,

 County Criminal Court-at-Law No.15

 Roger Bridgwater

Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No. 2

Ray Black

Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No. 3

 Rory Robert Olsen

Judge County Probate Court-at-Law No. 4

Christine Riddle Butts

District Clerk

 Chris Daniel

County Clerk

Stan Stanart

County Treasure

 Orlando Sanchez

County School Trustee, Position At Large

Marc Cowart

 County School Trustee, Position 4, Pct. 3

Josh Flynn

 County School Trustee, Position 4, Pct. 3

Bradley A. Tashenberg

County Commissioner Pct.2

Jack Morman

 County Commissioner Pct.4 R.

Jack Cagle 


CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES - Halene Crossman, Chairman; Chris Parker, Co-Chairman (Hours) May 2018


Halene Crossman - 832-628-6834 (c)

KARW Campaign Activities Chairman









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