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California Dreamin: 100% EVs and Trucks

The world saw what happened when Germany invested in windmills to produce their electricity. The wind stopped blowing and they need Russia. Now, we get to watch another green experiment, as CA Gov. Newsom has prohibited the sale of any gasoline-powered car or light truck after 2035.

California currently gets only 25% of its power from wind and solar, and experiences increasing brownouts and blackouts. Residents are told not to run their washers and dryers—or charge their EVs—during early afternoons and evenings. Green cultists still blithely insist that windmills and solar panels can handle the state`s growing energy needs.

Electric vehicles will require dramatically more electricity. Bloomberg News reports that 660,000 EVs are currently registered in CA, but the state has 30M cars and trucks. Their electric grid could not handle two or three million more EVs–much less 30 million.

EV batteries, weighing in at 1,000 lbs. or more, require 30 lbs. of lithium, 60 lbs. of cobalt, 139 lbs. of nickel, 90 lbs. of copper, 190 lbs. of graphite, and 500 lbs. of steel, aluminum, manganese, and other materials not found in America.

China currently produces 80 percent of global EV batteries. They are building new EV battery factories at the rate of one per week. So Gavin Newsom will guarantee that China becomes an economic powerhouse, while we may have no power.

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