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About KARW


Our Story 
Our Mission

KARW provides a venue for women to influence policy, develop candidates, and elect the leaders of Texas. We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural organization that provides structure and support for political activists to learn, engage, and flourish.

Help us stop Biden’s war on free speech, domestic energy production, support for teachers’ unions, open-border policy, and disastrous domestic and foreign policies.

We block walk, phone-call, publish and post on social media to put more conservatives in office locally and state-wide. We are part of the Texas Federated Republican Women and the even-larger National Federated Republican Women, with an office and staff in Washington, D.C. and 60,000 members.

At our monthly general lunch meeting, we invite candidates, local officials, and authors to tell us what is going on. And we have many events you can attend to learn more, get inspired and motivated.

KARW members at the Republican Party of Texas convention 2022