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84th Legislative News


May Legislature News

Tax Show Down

Texas Senate Bill Protecting Pastors

Texas Senate Passes Ethics Reform

Newsweek: Professors May Inflate Grades ...

April Legislature News

Tax Show Down

Easing Graduation Requirements

A Look at the Budget Committee

BP Agent to Texas Senate

Denton Fracking Bill

Parental Trigger Bill SB 4

Open Carry Set to Pass

Texas SB 106

Texas Senate Approved Two Year Budget

March Legislature News

HB 562

HB 2254

SB 1968: End of Public Sector Unions

Senate Approves Open Carry

Tax Slashing Budget Passes

Noise Regulation Legislation (Unincorporated Harris County)

Franchise Tax

Human Trafficking

House Bills

Senate Bills

New GOP Chairman

Opt Out of Time Change HB 150

Electrical Usage HB 2254 

Age of Adulthood from 17 to 18 for Criminal Prosecution

Funding Roads

The Border

Legalizing Marijuana HB 2165

250 Troopers on the Border

February Legislature News

Upcoming Houston Mayor's Race

HB 1627

Senate Committee Chairmen


Newly Introduced Bills

HJR 77 Convention

House Committee Chairs

SB 2 Senate Budget Bill

School Choice

Open Carry Bills

School Bond Bills

HB 80 and SB 25 Texting While Driving

January Legislature News

Excerpts from Governor Greg Abbott

Exerpts from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Education House Bills

House Bill 654

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Texas State Budget

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